“Violators cannot live with the truth: survivors cannot live without it. ”

Chrystine Oksana

“Autumn Hope” by Bern

“Healing isn’t just about pain. It’s about learning to love yourself. As you move from feeling like a victim to being a proud survivor, you will have glimmers of hope, pride and satisfaction. Those are natural by-products of healing.”

Ellen Bass


Here is a list of resources that were shared during the poetry readings:

Ritual Abuse, Ritual Crime, and Healing: has dozens of bibliographies on topics such as self-help, art therapy, journaling, addictions, resources for male survivors –  all sorts of things. 


Jean’s blog:

Leni’s blog:

Sparrow’s blog:

Anneke’s blog:

If you need some help in finding a therapist, write Jean at

Systems Seeking Community, organized by Jade Miller, is a message board for RA/MC multiples. Littles are welcome. Write for an invitation.

Ritual Abuse Awareness Community

If you have something written up on a topic below, send it to us through the “Contact Us” form. Please also let us know of things that you would like added to the list.*Words in italics are linkable


Personal Healing

Healing Library

Books for Young Ones of All Ages

Ritual Abuse Books

Military-Government/Mind Control Books

Healing songs

RA/MC/DID Blogs list

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Internal Safety

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On September 23, 2022, Donna Lyon, Jean Riseman, Mary Bolger, and Anneke Lucas gave a presentation at the International Conference for Human Trafficking and Social Justice.

It was a two part presentation titled “The Interface Between Sex Trafficking, Ritual Abuse (RA), and Mind Control (MC) Programming.” 

Part 1:   The panelists, ranging in age from 58 to 85, were all introduced to sex trafficking by their families. Their experiences ranged from being exploited by a local group of pedophiles to global elite child sex trafficking rings.

Part 2: Panelists described their escape and entry into healing, how their abusers attempted to maintain control, signs and symptoms specific to their ritual abuse and mind control programming and shared their recovery into becoming survivor leaders.