“Pocket Garden”

On this page you can find names and details of RA/MC survivors who can offer their skills and services for your project.

Become a part of something bigger than yourself. *

You can hold your head up high and be a part of something unique and special, because no matter what, you are a survivor. *

*These words of inspiration came from quotes I have heard from other survivors. Rishi

Take a moment to think of your unique abilities. Look through the Projects section to see what people need and visit the Resource section for more ideas.

The Orientation Page will have directions for how to post your offering and how to contact a volunteer. Here are just a few of the things that will be needed sooner or later:

  • Proofreaders
  • Webpage creators
  • Self-publishing coaches
  • Computer troubleshooters
  • Marketing experts
  • Webinar pros
  • Video experts
  • Audio experts for books
  • Podcast pros
  • Photographers
  • Researchers

Volunteer List

Name of volunteer and offering

Jayden: Website Support

Rishi: Photographer

Beth: Proofreading/Copy Editing

joanies and wildhorse: Drop-In Peer Group Facilitators

Jean and Rivers: Co-Hosts Monthly Gatherings

Beth and Janwe: Creative Art Time for Kids/Teens/Adults

Shana, Chris, Jen, Rivers: Art Workshop Facilitators

Leni, Rivers, skye: Writing Workshop Facilitators

Jean, Beth, and Rivers: GR Steering Committee

Together we are stronger