Groups – Joint Action

This website is a joint action. Four of us – River, Leni, Jean, and Rishi – are collaborating together to create it. It’s fun! (Except for having to learn so many new technical things at once.)

Here the focus is on getting something done, not growth or trauma issues. In the process, people form relationships. Being in such a group reduces isolation, builds self-esteem, and gives the opportunity to form friendships.

This way it will be a true community activity, collaborating with other RA/MC survivors on focused projects.

For example: you write, “I have written a first draft of a guide on how to talk to doctors and other medical people about dealing with flashbacks. I need somebody to help clean up the spelling and grammar. I also would like ideas on how to get it into the hands of people in the wider community that could benefit from the information.”

Another GrassRoots volunteer can help with proofing it. When you are happy with the result, the finished article can be posted on this website for anybody to use.