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we have a number of projects in development

Listed below are our projects and who/what we need to get them off the ground.

Please contact us to register your interest in the project you would like to volunteer for.

grassroots mailing list

GrassRoots needs a free, easy-to-use mailing list. It would need to have a “bcc” field. It would be great if it could automatically sort the addresses alphabetically so we could spot duplicates. If it works from individual cards, it would be nice to have a field for first and last name, alias, how they heard of GrassRoots, and notes.

At the moment we need somebody to set it up and teach us how to use it. Later we will need somebody to maintain it.

GrassRoots How-To Articles

We plan to make a library of short, easy-to-understand explanations of various topics. If you already have something written up, send it to us using the form on the “Contact Us” page. If you are working with somebody on a project, take notes as you go along and then write it up.  Here are some of the topics we hope to cover —  copy editing, spell checking, grammar checking, audio and video production, slide production for webinars, publicity, Eventbrite, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, guest blogging, mailing lists.


There is a list of categories and a link on formats for peer support groups in the resource section. The group could be open to all or formed around an issue. Examples of possible issues could be survivors who are parents, male survivors, survivors with shell alters, etc

Needed: One or two people per
group to gather members, organize
the structure of the group, choose
a date, etc.

People have asked for:

General Peer-Led Support Groups

Drop-In Peer-Led Support Group

Play Group for Littles

Cultural Events

Need: artists and writers to offer their talents through workshops or presenting their work.

Need: poets and authors of fiction or non-fiction books on ritual abuse, mind control, and healing to present their work.

Need: musicians, songwriters to host events or showcase their talents.

Each presenter can ask for assistance in organizing the show, managing ZOOM, etc.


It would be wonderful to have a Webinar series covering all sorts of topics relating to ritual abuse, mind control, and healing. It would be even more wonderful to have transcripts of those Webinars on this site.

We need presenters to share their work and talk about the process. Each presenter can ask for assistance in organizing the show, managing ZOOM, etc.


People who are comfortable in front of a camera can present on a topic or arrange to be interviewed. GrassRoots could have a YouTube channel and invite all who made a podcast to be part of the project.


Jean is planning a “Book of Days”. She needs a layout artist for a journal with quotes, an artist to create line drawings from nature, and help choosing a self-publishing company.

Jean also needs a proof-reader and an artist to do a cover design for a pamphlet on satanic holidays

Contact Jean at