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To help build safety and community, we require video on for events

*Please click this link and read the GrassRoots’ Guidelines/Expectations for all events/workshops at the bottom of this page*

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One time Events/workshops

Cozy Corner Gatherings

Hogan Yoga Healing

Ongoing/monthly workshops

CUPP of Hope drop in support groups

Monthly art and writing workshops for survivors with DID adults/kids/teens

This is Us – Four Week Writing Workshop

NON grassroots offerings

Dissociative Writers Workshop


One time Events/workshops


Cozy Corner

Gatherings For RA/MC Survivors

June 18, 2023

12:00-2:00 PM Pacific Time

(July 4th – Celebrating Our independence – TBA)

These drop-in gatherings are a time for survivors to meet through ZOOM and connect with others like themselves. This can be a chance to have some “okayness” through difficult times, like challenging and lonely holidays.

Come for a few moments or stay the whole time. Hang out with old friends and perhaps make some new ones!

More information is on our Eventbrite page which you will be directed to when you click on “register here”


hogan yoga healing

Sunday, July 16, 2023

4:00-5:00 PM Pacific Time

You are invited to turn within and tune into your heart, mind, and body through gentle movement, meditation, and breath awareness. Connect with your inner compass to navigate life on and off the mat. Toshia Hogan

(This offering can be done on a mat on the floor, adapted to do in a chair, on a bed, or on a couch)


Ongoing/monthly events


Mondays at 5:00 pM to 7:00 pM Pacific Time

Wednesdays at 5:00 pM to 7:00 pM Pacific Time

Connection and understanding with Phenomenal people

Two weekly support groups for RA/MC survivors. This format offers survivors the flexibility of not having to make a weekly commitment

Drop in once in a while or come to every meeting!

Facilitators are joanies and wildhorse
For questions please contact the facilitators at


Healing h’arts Monthly Workshops

No art experience necessary – It’s the process not the product

Photograph by Bern

Art time fun for kids – Come have fun with your little ones! This art time will provide you a space for your Littles to have fun and meet the Littles of other survivors like you.

Art time fun for teens – Come get to know your teens! A time for you to let your teens explore their emotions and thoughts through art and/or writing with peers like them.

Art time for you – Come kick off your shoes and relax! Check out this time set aside for you to unwind, have fun, and let your creative energy flow.

three saturdays each month

We have changed the time for these workshops to the morning to allow people who were not able to attend the afternoon sessions a chance to participate.

(Watch for new changes beginning in July)

9:30-11:30am Pacific time

Time for Littles: TBD

Time for Teens: 6/10

Time for Adults: 6/17
Beth and Janwe are the facilitators of these workshops – For questions email the facilitators at

Details and registration are found on Eventbrite by clicking the registration link below.


This is Us

Women’s Four Week Writing Workshop

2023 dates and times TBD

The objective of THIS IS US is to connect with other survivors through writing … to find validation and acceptance in an atmosphere of respect. Our focus is listening within and writing whatever reveals itself in the here and now. This is different from a talking support group. We give each other support with respectful and attentive listening.

The role of a writer is not to say what we can all say, but what we are unable to say. Anais Nin

Click the registration button below to get more information at Eventbrite. Before registering, please read through the details to make sure this writing workshop is a fit for you and that you are able to attend each of the 4 workshop days (registration limited to 8 participants). If you are unable to attend all 4 times, no worries, there will be more writing workshops in the future.

Please contact skye, the workshop facilitator at if you have any questions or want further information.

non grassroots offerings

writers workshops for survivors with did

Tuesdays 10:00 aM to 12:00 pM Pacific time

Dissociative Writers’ Workshops offered by Lyn Barrett (Author and Speaker). Two forms of writers’ workshops to pick from. Traditional writers’ workshop every two weeks and a prompt-driven writers’ workshop every two weeks.

You may register to join one or both. Please follow link below for more information

future offerings that are tbd

Thank you to everyone who comes to events and makes GrassRoots what it is! This organization is by us, for us, for each other. If you have any ideas for events, workshops or get togethers you would like to see happen, or want to facilitate, please contact us at

Or use our “Contact Us” page on the website

We are incredibly happy about all the events we have gotten to run so far! If you would like to see a list of past events, please click here


*GrassRoots Disclaimer and Expectations for All Events:

By registering and attending any of our offerings, you agree to the following, as well as to the unique guidelines listed on Eventbrite for each event:

All GrassRoot (GR) Events are facilitated/hosted by peer volunteers. Our events are not a substitute for therapy. We cannot provide crisis intervention. We trust you to call your therapist, a hotline, 911, or to go to your nearest emergency room if you are feeling that you might hurt yourself or another person.

Group settings for survivors can be complex and risks may include transference and emotional destabilization. We encourage you to speak to your therapist or support networks to seek advice about the suitability of these environments for where you are at in your recovery.

In attending and/or participating in any of the GR offerings, you agree to hold harmless GR and its peer volunteers and/or participants for any adverse consequences that may impact your life.

As a community, our goal is to create a safe space for every member. In order to achieve this goal, all participants and facilitators agree to treat each other, with equity, kindness, respect and consideration. Any form of bullying, degrading comments, name-calling, put-downs, criticism, sarcasm, shaming or raising your voice towards each other, etc., will not be tolerated.

If these guidelines are not followed, the facilitators/hosts will attempt to bring a reconciliation between the people involved. If this should prove impossible, one or more of the parties involved will be asked to leave the group and will be restricted from all future GR events/workshops (If at a later date a resolution can be reached between the parties involved, the restrictions may be lifted).

Thank you, GR Steering Committee