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Let’s Begin

Who Belongs in GrassRoots?

Consider yourself a community member of the GrassRoots RA/MC  Survivors’ Collective if you attend one of our events or volunteer your time. Everybody who was subjected to ritual abuse, mind control programming, child sex trafficking, or other forms of organized severe abuse qualifies for membership. 

We welcome you and are glad you found us.

Let’s Create Something Together!

We want to list everybody who would like to volunteer. For example, maybe you like to draw or crochet, or read and edit. Perhaps you are skilled at organizing or facilitating and presenting at events. Please let us know if you would like to share your talents here through GrassRoots. If you have a speciality – say photographing cats – list that as well. If you have proofed a book, by all means give the title. Share the link to your website or blog if you have one. Consider saying a bit about yourself while you are at it.

What about money? There is no pay involved for volunteering through GrassRoots. You may make a good friend and you will get satisfaction knowing you have contributed something of value to the RA/MC survivor community. All of us here are part of something bigger than ourselves.

Can you charge for events, books etc? Yes! Projects and events do not have to be free. Also, if you help your volunteer network, and they get a paid job, that is fine. We all deserve to prosper.

How do I get in touch with another Collective member? Using the “Contact Us” form, tell us who you would like to contact and give us permission to share your email address with that person. You can include a detailed description of the help that you need, and we will forward your email to that person.

What about safety? Obviously we cannot screen everybody and guarantee that they are safe. However, if we spot somebody we know to be deliberately hurtful to others, we will not admit them to the Collective. Basically, we are all responsible for keeping ourselves safe.

If a situation arises, decide whether it might be possible to talk it through and reach a solution. If not, break off working with the other person. You can say something general like, “I just don’t feel that we are a good fit.”

The more projects we list and the more people who volunteer, the more rapidly we will move out of isolation and connect with other survivors. You matter. You have gifts and talents that are needed not only by our survivor community but by the wider community as a whole.  

Again, welcome. We are glad you found us and we look forward to a long and joyful collaboration.

Jean, Beth, Leni and Rivers.

Are you ready to begin something new?

“Everyone has the right to tell the truth about her own life.”

― Ellen Bass, The Courage to Heal: A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse